Football Battle


Football Battle Whitepaper, Last Updated February 16, 2022
Football Battle (US: soccer) is a play-to-earn game with innovative Gameplay combining both Strategy and Action gameplay. The Game Developer is inspired from Axie Infinity’s winning play-to-earn strategy and focuses on making better, more fun battle gameplay with similar play-to-earn economics.
The game will be launched on BNB Chain and then Solana as soon as we are ready to create a multi-chain gaming environment.
With Football Battle, you can collect players, build your own team, compete in Saga mode and also online mode (Friendly Game, Heads up Match to win Tokens and also Tournament). Each player will be your own NFT asset that you can grow its stat via practice. You can also breed new players as Youth Players and add them to your own team. With FBL Marketplace, you can trade your players with other users easily.
The Football Battle game engine blends aspects of strategies, skills, and plan ahead thinking of users to compete and win, creating a thrilling and competitive turn-based football card game. Your goal is to take out your opponent's Defender and Goalkeeper and score. Each game can have different scoring settings so a quick adapt kind of player with quick thinking can ace the game. Users build their own team with many different players from Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfield and Forward, set up their own line up and compete. Users can participate in a variety of game modes with variable rewards. Existing Legendary Players can be combined to create Young Players. Each player with different stats will be a unique tradable NFT. As a game maker, we aim to give our users a fun game, good play-to-earn mechanism and also great future expansions in the roadmap.

Why NFT?

The Play-to-Earn mechanism in Football Battle has been made possible by blockchain technology. In a world where traditional games don't really provide an easy way to trade their in-game assets and no financial rewards when users play and after they leave the game, the Play-to-Earn aspect allows users to be rewarded merely for playing the game. This ground-breaking strategy has proven to be a lucrative source of income for both active and casual gamers, as well as NFT collectors wishing to lease out their goods!
Blockchain and specifically NFT-based gaming will alleviate some of the concerns currently present in traditional gaming, such as proven ownership and trustless item transfers, by storing crucial game features on-chain. Blockchain gaming will likely disrupt and gain a place in the total gaming market, particularly in the mobile phone gaming sector, during the next several years. We foresee and hope to be able to provide these chances through our game, as well as introduce new people to crypto in a fun and engaging way, beginning with the sport that everyone knows and loves – football.

The team

The team behind Football Battle consists of professionals with experiences in both blockchain and gaming world. Football Battle is co-developed between Crowdhero and EZGames. Crowdhero is a NFT Incubator based in Vietnam led by Mike Tran - CEO - an experienced entrepreneur with previous capital raising and exit experience. EZGames is an Indie game developer in Vietnam with a few millions downloads from the Appstore. EZGames management is from Amanotes - one of the well-known Game publishing companies in South East Asia with a few billion downloads from the Appstore.
Football Battle’s Backers includes Yolo Investment (Sponsor of Arsenal FC, Southampton FC, Flamingo and Sao Paulo), AceStarter (Appota Group - one of the biggest Game distributor in Vietnam), and other funds from Vietnam and South East Asia regions
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