Football Battle

Players / Characters

A player is a digital NFT character that users can use to battle, train, trade, and make new Youth players.
Each player has different position traits which determine their role in match. These positions are Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfield (MF) and Forward (FW)
Kick, Pass, Defense, and Stamina are the four stats that each player has.
Kick: The damage when your player kicks the ball to your opponent and drain opponent's defense stats or stamina
Pass: When you choose to pass the ball to your opponent, the pass stats from the passer will be added to the strength of the ball to your pass receiver.
Defense: Ability to stop kicks (shots) from your opponent.
Stamina: The amount of damage your player can endure before being knocked unconscious.
A player's stats are dependent on two variables: his/her rarity and his/her position.