Football Battle


Football Battle is a joined project between Crowdhero & EZGames

Two teams that share the same vision on making a great football theme Play-to-earn game.
We are passionate about creating great experiences and games for our users, and most importantly: games about what we are passionate about - Football (US: Soccer).
We envision Play-to-Earn Game must be much more engaging and should involve more skills and strategies from users rather than just Turn base or Simulation.

What we aim to do

We are going to build out a Desktop & Mobile Gaming X Crypto space to its fullest effect.
We will introduce our first title Football Battle and many more in the near future and launch the $FBL utility token and $FBT as in-game currency to work across all the games that we will develop and launch.
Crowdhero is an NFT Incubator with an experienced, well-connected team of management and a strong engineering team.
EZGames is an independent game developer in Vietnam. EZ “dream team” is one in which all members are excellent at what they do, are great collaborators, and are committed to a shared ambitious goal. The value and satisfaction of being in such a team is tremendous: you learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and have the most fun.
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