Football Battle


Mike Tran // Co-Founder & CEO
Startup Founder and Blockchain Enthusiast. Previous Company Ticketbox - number 1 ticketing company in Vietnam - raised institutional funding from 500 Startups, 500 Tuktuks, Ookbee Thailand and Susquehanna Investment Group and later sold for leading E-commerce company in Vietnam Tiki in 2019.
Hy Ngo // Co-Founder & CTO
Startup Founder/Advisor, Angel Investor and a Blockchain Enthusiast. Founded and operating CodeBox Solutions Ltd. since 2013 - a software outsourcing company with over 70 engineers at its peak, serving international clients.
Hoa Nguyen // Head of Engineering
With almost 20 years of experience in mobile and web engineering, Hoa focuses on social, e-Commerce, finance application development at enterprise scale, and new technologies like Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
Yazan Safi // Marketing
An experienced Marketing with 10 years focuses on serving international clients. His passion is creating marketing campaigns that support the growth of the company’s products and services.
Ken Lee // Designer
Ken's responsibility is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. With a demonstrated 11-year history of working in the design field. By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, he utilizes typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.
Robert Vu // Game Lead
With 5 years of experience in gaming, Robert worked as Head of Publishing at Amanotes (Top1 Mobile Publisher in SEA region) where he was responsible for a portfolio of >500 games and partners and Ex Senior Product Manager at trivago, the world’s top1 online hotel search platform.
Sylvie Hoang // Head of Operations
Sylvie Hoang is Ex Head of Creatives @ Amanotes Publishing and Co-founder of Brand Artist - a Saigon based creative agency for brands.
Christian Nguyen // Game Director
Christian is the founder of He's also the author of Vietnam's 1st game design book “Chuyen Thiet Ke Game”. He shipped a wide range of casual & midcore products globally with 10-year experience in gaming.
Mike Vu // Product Lead
Mike Vu is Ex Product Live-Ops Lead at Amanotes. He is a core contributor whose hands-on design experience helped create the global hit “Magic Tiles 3” and many others.
Nam Ngo // Tech Lead
Nam Ngo is Ex CTO at Diffcat studio. He oversees the development of the global hit “Face Dance”. He's also Co-founder/Tech Lead at D2M Studio.
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