Football Battle


In March 2022, Football Battle will debut on BNB Chain, followed by Solana after its smart contract capability has shown to be mature enough for gaming. The core team had intended to launch on Ethereum, and BNB Chain and Solana were chosen for their speed, low costs, and vast user base because of difficulties with gas fees and gaming scalability. BNB Chain will be the first platform to implement our core smart contracts, followed by Solana once it is fully functional. The Football Battle game server will act as a link between users on both chains, allowing them to freely compete in the game environment, even if they are on different chains.
We recognize that BNB Chain, Solana, and Ethereum each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and we've been looking into additional options in case a partial or full migration is required in the future to maintain Football Battle's long-term viability.
While blockchain technology has brought a number of advantages to gaming, we believe it is still in its early stages in terms of broad acceptance, particularly for fully decentralized game features. As a result, we believe a middle ground may be found between decentralization and centralization, where tamper-proof ownership is always made public and visible, while gameplay mechanics can be operated off-chain on centralized servers.
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