Football Battle

PvP - Tournament

Tournaments are prominent events in which only the greatest teams compete at the highest level. Users must be invited by the tournament organizers to participate. Users can then proceed to form and register their teams of Seven (4 or 5 starters and two substitutes) for a specific competition after accepting the invitations. Throughout the tournament, these lineups will not change. Every scheduled tournament match requires team owners to choose which 4 or 5 Players will play and which two will sit on the bench before the game begins. Teams will be rewarded based on their performance at the end of each tournament. A championship trophy will be handed to each Player on the winning team, which will be permanently shown on their profile.
There can be Free Tournaments and Paid Tournaments
Free Tournaments
Paid Tournaments
Free to compete
Pay $FBT to compete
Top 3 winners get Rewards from Football Battle
Top 3 winners share the Pot money $FBT from all the Team participants and Rewards from Football Battle