Football Battle

Token Utility

Enhancement of the gameplay experience in-game. The token utility facilitates the minting and trading of characters/players on the marketplace. Upgrade and improve your level of experience, progression, stuff, skins, and mods. It should be noted that the in-game system for determining the difficulty and complexity of activities, challenges, storyline completion, and save spots (which was developed internally) will automatically adapt to balance demand and supply of the above upgrading capabilities. The user unlocks and can choose to earn via talent or luck as they advance through the matches.
Ability to request NFT minting opportunities in the game for special points/items/events/experiences, easing NFT service access and process. The tokens will have independent ownership thanks to the NFTs.
Users have access to a marketplace where they can trade their earned in-game things. Kindly note that a small fee is charged.


Football Battle will actively interact with the best-in-class DAO organizations when they arise in 2022 to promote and complete the construction and integration of a DAO within the Football Battle Token Ecosystem, allowing us to achieve our goal of giving users ownership over certain decision-making.